Monday, January 12, 2009


My lovely ladies posing for a pic at Melinda's New Year's gathering.
What is the best time to blog? Over your morning coffee? Just as you're settling into bed, perhaps? Maybe you should blog whenever the urge hits -- when your thoughts are most blogworthy. Is it all of the above? We contend that the best time to blog is...(drum roll)...

...whenever you can. And when you're spending most of your day wrangling around your 10.75-month old (that was for you, Paterson), moments of digital creativity are few and far between. I'm sure the other parents out there know wht I'm talking about. In any event, we wanted to update you on what's been going on at Casa de Velazquez.

Mya went from dragging to crawling to standing in what seemed to be a week. She hasn't taken any steps yet -- she can step pretty well with help -- but she is cruising on all the furniture, reaching for everything and eating anything she can get her hands on. Her latest non-edible indulgence? A rubber band that she pulled out of her hair. (insert shameless rubber poop joke here)

Mya just visited her new pediatrician. She'd just gotten over a cold and was feeling very social, waving and smiling at the entire staff. We found out that Mya is 23 pounds (she's lost 2-3 pounds) and 29 3/4 inches -- both place her, not suprisingly, in the 95th percentile for her age group. Olympics 2024, here we come!

Wendy, as you can see from the pics here, is getting bigger by the day. Her belly is absolutely in full bloom and I'm loving it. She is bigger sooner than she was last time, which is fun for me (and me alone). Back problems have kept her from exercising as much as she did last time through but she walks when she can and chases Mya plenty, so her weight gain is pacing just right.

Doctor Fee -- our new OB, who sports an ironic, if comical, name -- says that little Ella Grace is growing at a great pace and may even make her debut 1-2 weeks ahead of her April 12 due date. We're back in church here in the OC and feeling very much at home again. Despite how crazy things are right now, we feel incredibly blessed and all of you reading this are a big part of that.

Stay tuned for more updates! We'll try to be better about it, but again -- time for blogging is tougher and tougher to come by!

You guys may see this holiday pic resurface next Christmas card season. Thanks for looking at the camera, Mya.

Wendy's bulbous belly in all of its glory, circa week 26. "Love Child" is right! (except for all the cheesy, hippy connotations)

More belly photos -- just because. This was taken around Week 25.

Mya getting all "crazy eyes" on us. What? Like you don't give your kid a cup of Taster's Choice in the morning?

Nothing too exciting here -- it's Mya looking into the big tank on her first visit to the Long Beach Aquarium.

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