Saturday, February 28, 2009


My little red riding hood at 31 weeks. Hot mama!

The last few weeks have been very hectic for the family Velazquez. We are realizing that we are ill prepared for the arrival of Ella Grace, which is slated for April 12 but is more likely the end of March. We still need to install the new car seat for Mya, get her bassinet in place, pack our hospital bag and sleep (at least once) for eight consecutive hours. Wish us luck!

Wendy's belly is just about as big now as it was when she was full term with Mya, so that puts Ella's predicted birth weight at just short of a metric ton. This pregnancy has been difficult for Wendy -- her ligaments never fully healed in her pelvis after Mya, so naturally with each ounce Ella puts on, there is extreme pressure and pain on Wendy's nether regions all day long. But she's a trooper and still rubs her belly and talks to Ella all the time.

Meanwhile, Mya -- who turned one this week -- is walking around and getting into everything! Other parents weren't lying when they told us that life would be way different once she started taking steps. But alas, we're managing and happy to see her developing those leg muscles for Olympics 2024. You're our cash cow, Mya Moo! No pressure...

On a side note, the girls took some Valentine's day pics for me as a gift (see below). Amy, Wendy's sister, is an amazing photographer -- we wish she would start making money doing it! The pics are of Wendy, Mya and the baby belly!

But first -- our first 3D peeks in at Ella in utero, courtesy of the ladies (Terry, Kim and Ashley) at Before the Stork 4D ( We had all the grandparents there to watch on their big screen! Enjoy, and be sure to start checking more often as the due date nears!

Little Ella was all over the place during the ultrasound, but we managed to catch this serene moment with her sucking her thumb.

This one we can't really explain. Several times during the ultrasound, she just stuck her tongue out, a la Air Jordan. Maybe she was invoking her inner Bud Man with a "Whasaaaaaaap?!"

Look at how plump these cheeks are already!! Depending on when she comes, she could out-plump her big sister's birth weight.


This was the final image of the exam. We'll see you soon, Ella Grace!

Mya loves showing off those two bottom teeth, even when she's getting into mischief.

In general, Mya hates hats, bows, clips and rubber bands and anything else in her hair or on her head -- unless SHE'S the one putting them on! Stubborn little moo moo.

Our little girl. Life is good...


The Borchert Family said...

Love the photo of Wendy, it's beautiful. You guys are going to have so much fun watching Mya grow...she's approaching some great years!

Adrienne said...

So cute! Wendy, you look great! Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, you look AWESOME...all the Mamas can only wished they looked as good as you! The pics of Mya is just adorable, of course! Wishing you lots of love & quick recovery!!! Cannot wait to see Ella...cannot believe she'll be here soon!!! :)