Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mya orders a chimichanga.

Estrogenopolois (noun): Home in which the man is overrun by females and, as a result, is subjected to Real Housewives of Orange County, candles and feelings.

This is where Eric will live. Last week, we got final confirmation...we are having another girl! Our previous OB in the valley -- the lovely Dr. Russo (she will be missed!) -- gave us a 90% chance that we were having a girl. That 10% margin of error was shattered when the latest ultrasound revealed a huge lack of penis-osity.

Penis-osity (noun): Anatomical ownership of a penis.

So we'll end up with a second girl! Pretty sure that Wendy is going to be sneaking chemical castration solution into all of my beverages from here on out, so don't go counting on us adding a boy to our litter. We're very excited. Wendy is due April 12 or 13 and, despite grandma Patsy's objections, going to be naming her Ella Grace. (Sorry, mama...it's not after your mother-in-law, we promise. We just like the name!) In other news, we're spending Christmas week in our new home without the benefit of health or immunity. We're all sick.

Plague-ified (adjective): Household-wide cold or flu infection, often accompanied by a week of sleeplessness, clothes covered in vomit and barely-legal doses of immune-boosting supplements.

BUT...we're looking forward to seeing Mya -- now 10 months old! -- rifle through Christmas presents in the next two days, even though she'll have far more interest in the wrapping paper than in any of the zillion gifts her grandparents are going to get her. Here, you'll see a few recent pics of our growing Mamu. She's a handful. She went from doing the Army crawl to a regular crawl pretty quickly, and overnight seemed to start pulling herself up into a standing position. Now, she's standing on her own for around 30 seconds at a time. But she often becomes so impressed with herself, she starts clapping and falls on her bum. Here's some recent pics and video for you to peek at. Her two-tooth smile and goofy grin are just -- to quote Wendy -- "the bees knees!"

Anyone see the resemblance between this shot and the cover for Michael Jackson's Thriller album?

Mya enjoys a morning laugh with her daddy.

Don't worry...if this black cat crossed your path on Halloween, it meant good luck for the year to come! (Or another baby for mommy and daddy...)

Even after getting scratched on her face by our kitty Bengal at grandma Patsy's, Mya-moo is still all smiles in her new house. Life...is...good!

Her little giggles are the perfect cure after a long commute or a rough day at the office.


Kristi V. said...

I love the name Ella Grace! It's beautiful. Why does the Valentini household sometimes find it necessary to do the same thing as the Velazquez household? Sophia came down with her first cold the day before Christmas eve and now Bryan and I are also sick, sleepless, but still required to socialize the out-of-town fam (in fact, we're having 20 over tonight). Not exactly the Christmas we imagined...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Michael Jackson!?! She really does! Good one...

Merry Christmas, and Congrats on the news of another baby girl!

XO, Adrienne

Adrienne said...

LOL! Michael Jackson! That is hilarious. Good one!

Merry Christmas and Congrats on the news of your new baby girl!

Jenn Beels DeCecco said...

FINALLY an update! LOL, I know, like you two have had nothing to do, right? Congrats on the new home and I hope your Christmas was fantastic. Oh, and feel better soon! XOXOX

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your household is full of sickies...feel better soon!

CONGRATS!!! on your new home & with baby girl#2! What an exciting time you Velazquez are going to have...2009 is definitely going to be an even full year for you all!

Derouin's (Anne)

Colleen said...

If it makes you feel better I live in Testosterone-opolis... even the dog is male!!!

I love the thriller pose & swear that we have a pic of Mr. Moo doing the same crazy eyes!! (we go with Diet Dr. Pepper in a sippy cup... how else would we start our mornings?)