Wednesday, July 16, 2008


That's right...this lovely little face belongs to a little girl bordering on 16 pounds. At just over 21 weeks old, she's still growing at a pretty good pace. In the span of a week and a half, she put on almost a pound and a half, likely due to the fact that she graduated into the glorious (and messy) world of baby food.

This past month, she also had her first swim! On the 4th of July, she took a dip in grammy Ethel's pool. Then on the 5th, she went in my aunt Vickie's pool! It was utterly hilarious to see her kicking her little chubby feet and splashing around in the water -- she definitely enjoyed it. See our family photo below for a peek at her swimsuit!

On the development front, we're "encouraging" her to say "mama" as her first word, but who knows how long it'll be before that happens? She has made the "ma" sound with Wendy's encouragement, but we wouldn't be surprised if her first word was "donut" or "nap" -- just because we talk about those things often in this household. For now, enjoy the new pics and as always, feel free to leave us comments.


Heather Petri said...

Getting her in the pool early. Nice work. You need to get her a polo ball now. :)She looks ready.

Anonymous said...

Loving that bathingsuit...just adorable! We started Chloe swimming early too...aren't they the cutest thing in the water! Glad to hear that she's loving it. Apparently there are babies who are not water babies at all!!!