Thursday, June 19, 2008


Below is a small selection from our family scrapbook -- all of it from the last month or so. Mya is four months old now and is getting, well...fat! Her thighs are blowing up like she's the heir to the Michelin empire and her chins are multiplying like a mogwai thrown into a bathtub. (Yes, I referenced Gremlins.)

It's all good though. She's still a healthy eater, but is taking in more and more formula since her mama's back at work now. With both of us parents back at work, life has been pretty hectic, but we have great bosses and we're managing our schedules very well. Amazingly, we find time to take pics occasionally. See below and enjoy! And if you have comments (read: compliments!), please click "Comments" at the end of this post and drop us a line!

"I love my mommy! She sings to me and cuddles with me all the time. Plus, she's the milk...which is great for helping me grow strong bones, fat wrists and chubby thighs."

"Sometimes, when you're a baby, you hit yourself in the face with your's for fun."

"I hate tummy time, but I LOVE taking photos!"

"Daddy took me with him to a photo shoot for work. I didn't see what was so exciting."

"Of course I can sit up on my own. I can also topple over onto my side without help. I'm good that way."

"I have every confidence that double chins will come back into style by the time I'm out of diapers. So really, I'm ahead of the game."

"Musical butterfly plush toys -- they're what's for dinner."
(Click the play button on the player to view video.)


Valerie said...

Hey, guys! Mya is just as sweet as they come, and I know that you're both so very proud. All of our best to you, and much love.


lala said...

She is getting big...Can't wait to see her soon!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love watching her videos...I wish we can load the damn thing on our end...we're a bit handicap w/ stuff like that...the asian side of me doesn't pull through when it comes to high of a tech, such as loading videos onto the computer!

She definitely is still a cutie...chubby and all!

Stve, Anne & Chloe

Anonymous said...
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Brendissima said...

Mya is way too cute...I may need to have a mini brenda soon..hehehe..