Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here's a small assortment of our favorite short videos of Mya from the last month or so. Included are her first real giggles, her lovely singing voice, her first trip to the beach and the first -- although certainly not the last time -- she decided to punch her dad in the face for a half hour. Enjoy!


summer said...

She is so adorable Wendy! I absolutely love the sound of their little giggles. I could listen to that sound for hours! As they get older they just add louder squeals in between the giggles =) Hope you are well! You look great!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I could just eat her up! She is just too darling! Chloe would just love Mya - she'll say "bebe" & give her lots of kisses! I love all the video library you got going...I'm sure there are more than what you have shown!

The Derouin Family :p

Adriennee said...

She, as well as YOU GUYS, are so adorable! I'm glad I finally got to meet her--I wish we could have actually hung out a little more, but weddings are hard to do that. It was still great to see you though and hopefully it won't be too long until next time!

XO, Adrienne

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am still a lil' shocked that this lil' one is gonna be a BIG sister in a few months!!! How crazy is that?! Maybe I can convince Steve to take a lil' trip to great 'ol Cali & get to meet Mya & baby #2...goodness, I'm still a lil' shock...sorry! I'm sure it's a great thing...a lot of work but a great thing!

Btw, good job, one can say ur "troops" aren't working! ;p