Thursday, October 16, 2008


We interrupt your normal text-heavy helping of updates in place of this picture-caption installment. Also included: Video of peek-a-boo and evidence of Mya's drinking problem. Enjoy the Mya...she turns 8 months next week!
Here's a shot of Mya, doing a wardrobe test-run for her future at the convent.

As you may have gathered, Miss Mya absolutely hates the camera. (NOTE: Mya absolutely loves the camera.)

The only thing she likes more than looking into the camera lens? Looking at herself in the mirror.

Mya loves trying on hats now. Here, she sports her mom's diva Rhythm Nation lid.

Pictured here in her new room in Orange, Mya holds her future -- and our retirement plan -- in her hands. Yes, that is a mini-Wilson beach volleyball. Olympics 2028?

We caught Mya tangling herself up in her floor gym. Her embarrassment is evident.

Mya and her daddy enjoy a quiet weekend morning on the couch. Not pictured: the obscenely-soiled diaper she gifted us upon waking.

"I love wearing dad's fedora!" coos Mya. "Uhh, wait...why does dad have a fedora? Is this the 20s? What's wrong with this guy? I'm surprised he's not using a gunpowder flash camera."

Mya's an easy mark for dad's primitive sense of humor.

Video evidence of Mya's drinking problem.


Swansons said...

Why'd you take the stopper out?! She's drowning herself.

Anonymous said...

that's too funny! it looks like she's splashing herself w/ H2O! I love how you got her on it so early! ;p