Monday, April 21, 2008


Today (April 21), Mya is all of two months old (that's eight weeks to the pediatrician crowd out there)! As you can see from the pics below, she is growing fast and getting painfully more adorable by the minute.

Her eyes are getting lighter and lighter but we think they're more likely to end up a light brown or hazel instead of her mom's crystal blues. She's mixed in a few giggles, which is absolutely heartwarming. But the coolest thing yet? She is watching TV!!! Baby Einstein is a sure bet but tonight we sat and watched Finding Nemo with her. Between her love for TV and her love of naps, it is abundantly clear -- she fits right in with the existing family dynamic.

But enough yapping -- we'll dive in with one of my favorite pics ever. It's her cross-eyed face that she does from time to time, usually when she's trying to drop a deuce. Another photo in this post shows you the danger of the dreaded nappy-hair gene (carried by her father, of course), which sometimes rears its ugly head after she has a bath. Enjoy!


Petie said...

I love it.....coming from our media director....drop a duece and nappy head gene. I knew I loved the way you write for a reason. :) You really connect with your audience. hee hee

Valerie said...

What a beauty! Don't worry...the nappy hair gene can skip a generation! Just ask Gabby. Love you all, hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

that nappy hair might just turn into beautiful curly lucky is she! I can see more personality coming out of her...I love the pajama pic where she got her arms out as if she's saying "what's up!" and yet her hands are lost inside her lil' pj! too darn cute!


Cheryl said...

She is beautiful...those lips are delicious. Isn't parenthood amazing.

Uncle Omar said...

You have one beautiful kid there. You are so lucky you married a good looking women or she would have gotten more the just a nappy hair gene!