Monday, March 24, 2008


Today (March 24), Mya is four weeks old. Here are some pics to show her evolution. She's getting fatter and fiestier everyday and we love it! She continues to be a healthy eater, she's sleeping well at night and is probably on course for some kind of record for soiled diapers.

In the first pic, Mya is striking her signature "front double biceps" pose. We follow that with another we took at home today and then some from Easter Sunday.


Eric & Wendy said...

You can tell she hates being in pictures. Hates it. Wants nothing to do with it.

Yeah, right!

Petie said...

She is showing her biceps cuz she wants to impress Daddy, so he will put her in his magazine! :)
Cute lil thang! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when sadie's little fists used to be all curled up tight in little fists. Now she grabs everything and knows how to pick her nose. Oh how time flies!!!

She is a beauty! You guys are very blessed... but I know you know that!!! Kisses!

Anonymous said...

oh geez, the first 2 pics of Mya showing off her biceps just brings nothing but flash back to Eric doing! didn't know that they start so darn early...isn't that supposed to be a learned trait and not genetic???

Anne & Chloe