Monday, January 7, 2008

Nursery Furniture: Just Add Baby

So here we are, just six weeks or so away from Mya's big cameo. In preparation for her arrival we are in full-blown nesting mode. It started a few weeks back with the arrival of her wonderful new nursery furniture (see photo). Thanks to grandma Patsy and grandpa Dave for buying it, thanks to uncle Jimmy P. for helping to get it to the house! Believe it or not, Eric actually put all of this together by himself. (In all honesty, the dresser pretty much came in one piece.) Miracles ARE possible!

In addition to the furniture assembly, we've been busy remodeling the closet for extra storage (that was ALL Wendy) and getting all of her new clothes washed. (Thanks to the family and friends who have already bought her some wonderful little outfits!)

In other news, Wendy is growing increasingly uncomfortable. The belly photo here, taken at Week 30, should show why. Early term hip pain and shortness of breath has now taken a backseat to rib pain on her right side. Nights? Not so great. She's usually only cozy in the same spot for an hour or two at the MOST. We think it'll make her a "motivated pusher" come delivery day. This little girl is growing fast!

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Kristi V. said...

Your furniture is tres chic!