Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Belly -- Week 21

And here's the outside belly view in Week 21. It doesn't look drastically bigger from this angle, but the sides of her belly are so much harder. At our Week 21 ultrasound (above), the doctor said that the baby weighed a healthy 14 ounces already. And yes, many of you have made comments on how brave Wendy is for showing her belly to the masses -- but those of you who know her know that her belly has always been FANTASTIC (Eric's words, not Wendy's). Long, slender and lean, her belly is one of the things Eric fell in love with first! Now, it's full of baby! Feel free to leave your comments on our board here.


Valerie said...

Hi guys!! Wendy, you have a gorgeous baby belly! We're so excited for you...and love you all so very much! Keep us posted, and we hope to get to see you soon!

Val, Daren and Gab!

Grama Patsy said...

I saw the little blank spot where the penie should have been! I am so happy! I very intentionally look at baby stuff now! I love you guys very much, and I cant wait for you to experience the greatest love in the world! Mama ')